Release Your Treasures

You were created to succeed, but whether you accomplish success is up to you. The universe is filled with treasures and you are one of the treasures planted on the universe. But there are hidden treasures that will help you accomplish greatness in life. You need people, wisdom, and knowledge. Embedded in knowledge are pieces of information that will help you develop skills, sharpen your talents, and improve your relationships.

Have you been searching for secrets to success? Before you travel far, let me give you this piece of advice, make use of these three points, and see what happens to your life:

1. Preparation- start now by developing and enhancing what you have. It could be talent, skills, ideas. Whichever field you belong the journey to greatness starts with a decision. Decide to start preparing your self for that big picture with a little step ahead of doing nothing.

2. Hard work – wishful thinking won’t deliver anything to you than dreams without reality. You must be diligent by putting to use your mind and body. Start working on your vision now. Manage your time well, make out time to connect with people that can mentor you, and influence you positively.  There is a lot to do with your mind and body and now is the time to start.

3. Learning from your failure- gather as many as possible information from your past mistakes and failures. Acquire quality knowledge and don’t just acquire knowledge but act on the information you get. The essence of learning is action.

Life comes with opportunities and God uses such to propel people to greatness but when an opportunity comes and you are not prepared, you miss the opportunity and when you are prepared, you grab it. But without hard work, you can’t go far and it gets worse when you are not a learner who consistently learns from failure in order not to repeat the circle and consistently learns from success in order to repeat the circle.

The only secret is to prepare yourself for what you desire, work hard at it, and never stop learning.

Years back, the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg got a business opportunity and invited five of his friends to come over to his place but only three showed up. Now the three that met to discuss the business opportunity with Zuckerberg are billionaires now. The other friends who didn’t turn up for the meeting are far from the circle of billionaires today because they missed their opportunity. Your opportunity for greatness may come from any angle, don’t allow pride to limit you from accessing your treasure. Be open-minded and humble as you prepare yourself for the top.  

See you at the top.

I celebrate you.

David, Johnson

On The Road To Success

We are designed to dominate the universe by making use of its verse resources and enhance its productivity. You are wired to be fruitful. A male and female are proof of this, as they come together in union as husband and wife they reproduce themselves by giving birth to children, a new them emerges, having the likeness of the parents. We are given brain, we have a mind to think and process things, and as we act on those things we reap the harvest of our labor.

Three factors aid every success story:

1. Conception- the birth of ideas

2. Faith- strong belief in your idea and yourself, and

3. Action- working on the idea that you believe in to see it become a reality.

You transmute idea into reality going through this arithmetic: 

Idea+ Faith+ Action= Reality/Result. 

Whatever idea you believe in and act upon will produce you a reality/result.

This doesn’t mean things will just turn out productive for acting on your idea. In fact, sometimes you have to rework the idea and put in consistent effort to get your desired result. At some other times some ideas might not work out as you planned but you have to re-strategize and work it again. Sometimes, you might even need the counsel of a mentor over your ideas to get it to work out what you aim to accomplish.

Therefore, regardless of the obstacles that you might face, you must keep your faith alive. Surround yourself with people of like minds and interests. Give yourself to learning to improve your skills and knowledge in your niche. Above all, never give up on your dreams. As long as you are still alive, you will always find a way out as long as you are teachable. The future has a lot to offer, but you must give your best. 

See you at the top.

David, Johnson