See With Your Mind-Be Focused

Be Focused

To be successful in this life, you must be focused, I mean seeing with your mind and not just your eyes. Always keep in mind the desired end result of that great goal. Challenges will surely come as obstacles to frustrate, distract and stop you, but  if you must reach your goal, you must keep the big picture of what you desire in mind and fight those frightful things you can see with your eyes by deliberately ignoring them and be obsessed with your goal and ensure you work it with massive action to success.

Stay Focused

When you loose focus, distraction is inevitable. Your mind must be your eyes and your eyes must be positioned to focus solely on your goal. When you maintain this position, you will only see your goal and not obstacles but when your mind wavers from your goal you are bound to see obstacles. Keep your mind and your eyes on your goal. Avoid distraction, you can do it.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford

Let your mind be your eyes as you work on your goals. Keep your eyes on your goal to avoid distraction in order to overcome obstacles.

~David, Johnson~