Dare To Dream Big

Dare To Dream Big

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” – Les Brown

To reach for the moon is to dream big. This is beyond a realistic goal, it is something the universe can offer in the power of the almighty. This is a vision that makes you set goals that will take the possibility of God and your faith to accomplish. Setting a realistic goal requires low action which anyone can reach but when you dare to dream big, most times, it’s beyond you and it will require over commitment of massive action. This keeps your mind set for greatness, which in turn unleashes your latent potential, helps you connect to the like minded people, reach out for the resources required and continuously drive for success seeing each day as another opportunity to go higher until you hit the target. Dare to dream big. Forget realistic goal and go for what the ordinary will call ‘impossible’. Such has produced airplane, what will yours produce? This kind of thinking will rescue you from the mindset of average and open your mind for greatness.

“Success is measured in terms of reaching your goals, dreams, and expectations. Your success is determined by hard work, persistence, and determination. If you are going to be a success in life, it is up to you… it is your responsibility.” – Will Horton

See you at the top.

I celebrate you.

~David, Johnson~