Find Your Strength-2


“To become productive, find your strength and then find someone who needs your strength.”

An ancient Hebrew text reveals the conversion of God with one of the greatest Hebrew leaders called Moses: “And I have filled him with the Spirit of God in skill, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship, to make artistic designs for work with gold, with silver, and with bronze, and with cutting and setting stone, and with cutting wood, to work in all kinds of craftsmanship.”

The creator anoints with required capacity for diverse crafts. He endows mankind with ability for creativity. The origin of all craft works is from the Spirit of God. God released His Spirit on Bezaleel, a divine endowment for creativity which he was to train others and from there the craftsmanship spread from proteges whom He mentored to another and from one apprentice to another to this present age.  This clearly shows that God is so concerned about human race and His pattern of things for the planet earth. The big idea of God for creation of human as co-creator is revealed in the divine endowment such as talents, skills or gifts given to individuals. This peculiarity in us showcases the strength in every individual. The interests in us coupled with our personalities are deliberate for us to continue from where God stopped in the creation story so that we as co-creator can continue the work of our creator who is creative and has created us to be creative in our individual unique way. Our responsibility is to find our selling point which defines our strength. Now the big question is, what is your selling point? What is your strength? Your productivity lies in finding your strength just as Bazeleel discovered that God’s anointing upon him was not to preach but to be a craftsman for the nation of Israel and to reproduce himself in many. We all need to find our strength and find someone who needs our strength. Then life will be fun and productive for us all.


See you at the top.

I celebrate you.

~David, Johnson~

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