Find Your Strength 1

"Your ability to handle life challenges lies in the available strength (physical, spiritual, psychological, mental and social) within you."

The ability to do, cope or handle anything comes from the strength you have for that specific thing. Therefore, it is vital that we discover our strength to harness our productivity in every area of our endeavours. Many people are strengthened by different things, drugs, money, mental power and spiritual power,etc. We must be honest to ourselves that we are not wired for everything and not called for everything. We are created to be interdependent so that we can see one another as precious and valuable to help us reach our peaks in life. To ignore this is to set ourselves up for a fall. The richest man in the world today needs people to buy into his ideas and pay for his products and services. People contribute to his riches, so you see that no matter what he creates to solve a problem some people pay for it and in so doing he gets richer. His productivity is in the area of his strength.


“I am able ◄to cope with or handle every situation because Christ gives me the strength to do that.”~ Apostle: Paul of Tarsus~

To handle difficult people or situation requires strength in that area. According to ancient Hebrew scripture, “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small”. The result we produce in dealing with people is based on our strength in handling and managing people. Consequently, we stand a better chance to deal with every situation by the available strength within us or what I call enabling. Therefore, when you realize you are performing lesser than required in a specific area in you life, check your strength level spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically and socially. Above all, whatever we are wired for is what we are naturally strengthened for and progress is guaranteed without stress unlike when we force ourselves on a task we have no strength for, no passion and not even a will power. Everyone of us must find our area of strength and build on it to attain success in our callings. Find your strength.


See you at the top.

I celebrate you.

~David, Johnson ~

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