True Living

The essence of true living is the fulfillment of one's dream.

Every human is designed and assigned a purpose which becomes a burning desire to be accomplished as a dream. Jesus as the son of man lived to fulfill the detail of His assignment. There is that thing calling for expression in every human. We all have dreams waiting for manifestation.
The brief of the story of Daniel Craig, aka James Bond got my attention. He was said to have slept on park benches in London. This same man now has several critically acclaimed movies that thrilled the world on his resume. The interesting thing to recall about him from his story was that this 007 actor waited tables and slept on park benches early in his career as an actor in order to fulfill his dream. This reminds me of an adage that says, “When there is life there is hope.” And some have also said it should be when there is hope there is life. Whichever angle you look at it, the key factor there for living is HOPE. Living life needs a bedrock of hope. Hope keeps a man going in life. Whatever dream it is that is daring, hope tells us of the expectation of its reality as we pursue with faith. True living starts from pursuing our dreams. The regular life of going to school, graduate, get a job and then get married seems so ordinary because everybody of age does that as a right of passage. But one thing that makes a difference is living our dream, bringing out the potentials, solving problems God created us to solve on the planet earth. Until we start living our dreams the essence of true living is yet to be unraveled.

Present challenges must not stop you. Your eyes must be on your dream and the energy channeled to bring it into reality. That is what you are created for. It is beyond just climbing up a ladder and getting promoted or making many profit in seven digits but with all these put together the purpose is in the dream being fulfilled. Our great fulfilment will definitely come when our dreams are fulfilled because it shows we have lived full and are ready to die empty, leaving behind books, music, movie script, inventions to our world . True living is living out your dream. Start small and make it progressive. Fulfil your calling, fulfil your mission before you leave the earth. Fight against all odds and put in your best to transmute that dream into reality.


See you at the top.

I celebrate you.

~David, Johnson~

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